Our Team

A curious and empathic integrator who is in constant search of smart simplicity and creating impact with her clients.

Psychologist & Coach

‘Transparent and courageous, with the capacity to explore challenges wisely and understand clients deeply.’

’Consciousness teacher’

‘Someone who has learnt to balance compassion and empathy with a healthy dose of perspective and challenge.’

‘A facilitator of psychological safety, meant to harness the ability to generate new thinking, co-create and positively move forward.’

‘An innovative co-creator of possibilities that inspire a culture of excellence for growth and legacy.’

‘A collaborator with a win-win mindset who relishes every opportunity to provide support to people and see them flourish by putting heart back into teams.’

‘Someone with a professional focus and energy, driven by a need to help people to work and live optimally. ‘

Psychologist & Coach

‘An advocate for individuals seeking to find their authentic voice and make an impact in the world.’

Psychologist & Coach

‘Curious about people and their stories. How do they think, what do they believe, what do they say and how does all this impact what they do?’

‘Commercially astute and passionate about wellbeing and its link to improving performance both personally and professionally.’

‘Someone who is looking for the best in people , compassionate and believe everyone is complete and enough. Thrive from connecting and making sense of things.’

‘A strategic leadership partner, who is a curious fellow human companion in service of the client and their whole system.’

‘A transformation catalyst who uses an inside-out approach to support leaders in finding creative and effective ways to lead and inspire.’

‘A catalyst that helps leaders find their voice and lead from a place of authenticity.’

Psychologist & Coach

‘A creator of safety; where we explore; transition and transform people to great self-leaders and Leaders of others harnessing on unique talents and capabilities.’

‘All that is, is benefiting from your existence.’

Psychologist & Coach