‘A transformation catalyst who uses an inside-out approach to support leaders in finding creative and effective ways to lead and inspire.’

With over 25 years of personal research and experience in personal change, self-mastery, leadership, and creative mindfulness, Sheetal’s expertise is in creating a space in which people can realise their leadership potential and harness the wisdom of the team. As an executive coach, Sheetal pays close attention to the needs of her clients and is imaginative and intuitive in the methods used to help clients move towards their goals. Sheetal has significant experience working with a broad range of international and national clients, including various UN agencies, CEOS, and senior managers from the corporate sector, small and growing business enterprises, government bodies, and non-governmental organisations.

Sheetal is based in Kenya but has worked internationally in Africa, Europe, North and South America, and Asia. Sheetal is the first certified teacher in Africa for the world renowned “Search Inside Yourself” programme.