Factor10 was born in 2014 from the strong conviction that organisations had entered a new global, turbulent, ambiguous and unpredictable era This context required a new type of leader and new approaches to developing leaders.

The Covid-19 pandemic has amplified this vision. As leaders navigate a brittle, anxious, non-linear, digitised and chaotic world the pressure and paradox, change and challenge they face is exponential. Whilst creating forward movement and delivery in high performance environments remain the cornerstone of leadership, how this happens matters greatly.

We believe that real leaders in this brave, new world achieve outcomes through a deep sense of purpose, connection, meaning and humanity.

They understand that leadership is a ‘journey to the interior’ and their most authentic identity. They use their strengths and values to develop deep versatility. They build resilient, agile and inclusive teams where wellbeing, collaboration and innovation flourish – where people feel they belong, that their work matters, that they can bring their best and make their most courageous contribution.

This matters greatly – as our name reflects. In this exponential world, leaders make a real difference to those around them. Their impact is a factor of 10.

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