our proposition

Data-led insights. Deep coaching. Leadership immersions. Digitised change platforms. Peak performance. Leadership impact and organisational value.

Factor10 adopts a client-led and systemic approach in all engagements. Data-led insights form the foundation for all our leadership consulting. We use best-in-class psychological and behavioural methodologies to generate data which enables leaders and leadership teams to gain deep insight.

Whether generated through psychological assessment, stories, surveys or 360 feedback; and whether focused on level of work, cognitive functioning, emotional intelligence, resilience, working preferences, styles, derailers, motivators, values, potential to lead and scale or team roles, these data-led insights enable an intentional transition to peak performance behaviours – enabling increased leadership impact and organisational value creation.

Obsessed by creating change and impact, we have a panel of experienced and internationally accredited psychologists, leadership experts and coaches who deliver bespoke, experiential leadership immersions and deep coaching dialogues that are accelerated and grounded in next-generation thinking.

Factor10 is also the exclusive partner for the distribution and delivery of Potentialife in Southern Africa. Potentialife is the result of three years of development by two top leaders from two of the world’s greatest institutions, Tal Ben-Shahar from Harvard and Angus Ridgway from McKinsey. What they have created is nothing short of revolutionary in the field of leadership development. For the first time it has become possible to develop peak performance leaders on a large scale.

our values

Values led in all our actions and interactions. We care how we do things as much as what we do.

  • We have a deep sense of care for what we do, who we work alongside and how we do it.
  • We are driven by curiosity about our world, work and our clients and fuelled by a growth mindset and learning as we explore ‘what else? what’s new? what are we missing?’.
  • We partner and collaborate as we think ‘who else should be round the table?’.
  • We are in constant search of simplicity on the other side of complexity as we investigate ‘how can we do this better and differently?’.
  • We are obsessed by making a difference, leaving things better than we found them, having an impact and realising value for leaders and organisations as we question ‘how do we know this matters?’.