‘An advocate for individuals seeking to find their authentic voice and make an impact in the world.’

Alison is a former NGO Executive Director and community organiser with over twenty years of experience working in the areas of non-profit and private sector management, human development, mentoring, life-skills building, community-led development, leadership, learning, coaching, and change. She started her career bridging the nonprofit and social impact world working in both hospitality, local and international nonprofits. Upon moving to France from the United States in 2013, Alison transitioned to consulting and career coaching, helping non-native English speakers and professional women to craft empowering professional narratives to overcome gender gaps and other career challenges.

Since 2018 Alison has worked full-time, both online and in person, as a professional coach from Madagascar. Fluent in French, she has facilitated and coached individuals and teams across social impact organisations, non-profit organisations, tech start-ups, fintech, energy, human resources, tourism, education, professional services, and pharma. Alison leverages the theories of job crafting, positive intelligence and social-emotional leadership.