Women’s Wellness  – Health as our real wealth

By Elaine Seale-McKend

I have always been passionate about wellness, long before it became such a popular and necessary concept.  My background in professional sport taught me that applying certain conditions – exercise, nutrition, hydration, periods of rest and recovery –  could systematically build success. As far back as the  1990s I witnessed first-hand how effective looking after mental and physical health was to sustained and high level performance; and to enabling athletes to bounce back quickly from setbacks, building that essential ‘resilience muscle’.

When I found I was expecting a multiple birth I focused on improving the things I could control to maximise the health of myself and my babies.  I am convinced that this enabled me to recover quickly and retain mental stability despite the anxiety of an instant young family!

As our life expectancy increases, I often ask a key question of my clients – where is the real wealth in life? What does success look like when you are 60, 70, 80 years of age?  How do you want to feel, to move and what do you still want to be able to do? As women (and men!) staying younger longer is an enticing thought but we have evidence that it is achievable not through cosmetics but building small habits into our daily lives.  The compelling reason for taking action now in a purposeful and planned way is the benefits this gives us later in life.

Physical exercise turns our brains on.  It increases brain plasticity as it continues to grow new cells – the process of neurogenesis.  It keeps our heart healthy, reduces stress and helps prevent cognitive decline, including Alzheimers.   Exercise also has a pretty nice set of mechanisms that can help fight off viral and bacterial infections and support sleep patterns.

I am excited at the potential of  our new programmes for women – Ignite and Ascend – to incorporate health and wellness as a central theme.  It’s no longer just a nice to have.  It’s vital for our continued vitality, keeping us active and able to grow physically and mentally well into old age.

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