What’s in a name?

Why Factor10?

As we know, factors are all about multiplication, and to ‘increase by a factor of’ means ‘to multiply by’.  Therefore when you increase a number by a factor of 10, you multiply it by 10, so 5 becomes 50.

In the digital environment of the 21st century, the scale and speed of our daily lives are multiplying rapidly, more so than any time period before it. Technological advancement and scientific discovery are transforming our society, and organisations have entered a new era that is global, turbulent, ambiguous, fast-paced and unpredictable.

In this exponential era, the impact of high-performance leaders is not a few percentage points – but rather a factor of 10.

As we dive head-first into the Fourth Industrial Revolution, we simply cannot underestimate the importance of peak performance leadership.  This context requires a new type of leader, one who is equipped to keep pace in order to survive, innovate and thrive, rather than stay locked in the status quo and struggle to keep their organisation alive. And new approaches are required to develop them.

How we multiply your organisation’s potential

Factor10 creates leaders who thrive in an exponential world. We think globally but act in context to develop new leaders for a new era.

Our goal is to implement intentional transitions to peak performance behaviours among leaders, enabling increased leadership impact and organisational value creation. We achieve this through:

  • Data-led insights – the foundation for all our leadership consulting
  • Deep coaching dialogues, accelerated and grounded in next-generation thinking.
  • Bespoke, experiential leadership immersions
  • Digitised change platforms

Interested in finding out more about developing your company’s ‘X Factor’? Get in touch with a Factor10 consultant today.

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