Finish the year …

November! The crazy four weeks before we head into our end-of-year celebrations, close-out; and in the Southern Hemisphere, our summer holiday period. It feels like the year accelerates in this final month, as leaders push for results and delivery on annual outputs. As a client recently commented  – ‘six months of production happens in the last six weeks’. This acceleration is accompanied by a prevailing feeling of depletion and exhaustion. The holidays not taken, the recovery activities sacrificed combined with the drain of our macro-context  – pandemic, war, energy crisis, repeated political crisis –build this demand for peak performance with a very limited energy supply. We’re all running on empty; and needing to do more with these depleted energy levels. Rather than ‘staying strong’, digging deep and pushing through, what if this year we flip the narrative?

What if we end the year – as we probably started it! – with a focus on staying aligned, centred, present, grounded, nourished, restored and regulated.

What might this shift for us as leaders? And what might this shift for our teams, families and communities? How might our year end, with this new perspective?

Can’t wait to explore this in our coaching dialogues.

Staying replenished, purpose-filled, generous and present – Kerrin and the Factor10 team

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