An honest piece on authenticity and self-acceptance

By Aviva Baran- Rothschild

I say ‘Yes!’ when I mean to say ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ when I mean to say ‘No’! It keeps life simpler when you respect that person in front of the mirror.

When you don’t conform, but consciously go with your own flow, or dance to the beat of your own drum, you may feel like an outlier, and alone at times. Over time I’ve figured out that there are plenty of other outliers around to connect and resonate with. Finding your own authentic tribe feels great.

My discovery has shown me that for being authentic:

  • Aim to know yourself, under all of the armour, charm, roles and habitual ways of being
  • Challenge the way you think, especially if you are feeling fearful
  • Accept yourself warts and all
  • Drop the masks as much as you can. It prevents a lot of energy wastage and allows people to build trust with you
  • Be brave, bold, and direct
  • Take a risk and allow your essence to shine through.

This allows you to behave in ways that bring you peace of mind and freedom, because you are clear that this way aligns to your values and your moral compass. It also gives you opportunities for authentic expression. This beats filtering, censoring or shutting down your inner wants,needs and drives.

Happy Women’s Month!

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