A Time of Tricks and Treats

October is a month that ends with Halloween – a celebration of tricks and treats, fears and phantoms.  As we rapidly approach the end of the year – which seems to accelerate as we work towards both the close of the calendar year and, in the Southern Hemisphere, our summer holidays  – uncertainty, crisis, darkness and challenge seem closer than ever.  Our energy crisis persists, creating massive complexities for businesses and households alike.  The Ukraine war persists, with all its global implications. Talk of a recession persists, and economies are volatile.  And the Covid-19 pandemic continues.

Leaders are facing a scary time. 

As our team partners with leaders around the world, we find a useful focus in how to find ‘inner stillness’, how our clients can access their inner ‘eye of the storm’ as the weather outside rages.  We work alongside them and work to gain deep insight and clarity on what ‘the unknown’ and ‘uncertainty’ evokes in them; what their own darkest, scariest voices say to them, especially in times of vulnerability and crisis; how they can step out of persistent patterns and create new perspectives – a new ‘weather map’; how they can find pathways forward with agility, versatility and inclusion. This helps leaders build the strategic self-insight they need to create both hope and stability for their teams; and to harness their own – and their team’s – clarity, alignment and disruptive problem-solving needed to navigate the way ahead.

This is our wish for you too, in these tricky times.

Kerrin and the Coaching team.

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