2023! New Year. Same You.

As you return to work and step into the new year, you might be ready for a fresh start and a new beginning – or in the messy middle of growth and change you started last year. It’s the middle of winter for some of us. This might bring slowing down, reflection, looking inwards, a ‘hibernation’ of sorts in preparation for spring. It’s the middle of summer for others. Maybe this brings bright sunshine, an outward focus, a season of fruition and full bloom, with autumn ahead.

There is a strong move away from resolutions and ‘New Year. New Me’ thinking. We know this doesn’t work. Instead we invite you to consider and explore:

Locating: What might best serve you in this current season?
Learning: What have you learnt? What insights and new perspectives are you bringing with you?
Letting go: What patterns, practises, relationships, roles or tasks are you releasing?
Looking forward: Where is your horizon? What does success look like for you? How will you know you have reached this? What intentions do you hold over a time horizon that has meaning for you – in 12 months? by the end of this year? by spring? before autumn? by the end of Q1? What habits and practises – the smallest ones possible! – can move you consistently towards these?

We look forward to exploring this in our next coaching conversation. 

With hope and optimism for a season of growth and change.


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