When Your Passion Becomes Your Purpose

I believe that passion is one of the key ingredients to success. When you have a fire burning inside you to do what pleases your heart and nourishes your soul,  the Universe conspires in your favour. Suddenly you have the urge that compels you too push through any of the challenges and barriers that are in your way.

“Your passion will propel you into you purpose”  has been my guidepost for 2022. I have made up my mind. I will be stepping into a new era . I refuse to be a victim of circumstance. My purpose demands that I show up and become a full body of a work in progress. I am nowhere near to the ultimate goal or the woman I want to be, however each waking day I make it a point to put in the work to get closer to her, by revisiting what my purpose means and looks like to me.

Going through this journey requires self honesty. You have to be candid about your reality –  the what’s, the who’s, the when’s, why’s and how’s should be vivid to you. No doubt should hold you back from your purpose. Your purpose is your reason. Let that reason enrich you and your experiences and let it guide you to find meaning in your life.

Now I feel like that the real work begins as I move my passion and purpose into  action.  there are fleeting differences between the two it all comes down to ability, mindset, Oprah says it best “Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you”.

A life devoid of passion would be dull and mundane and a life without purpose would be aimless and stagnant. I am learning every day that both passion and purpose are significant in making meaning, living in purpose and having an authentic, and successful life.   

Here’s to September and a new season, inspire you to do the same!

By Luyanda Dlamini

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