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Peak Performance. Scaled.

What is Potentialife?

Bringing together the science of ‘peak-performance’, a behavioural nudging system, and a technology platform, Potentialife enables individuals to practice and ritualise new peak-performance behaviour sets within their daily work context.
When deployed at scale, this enables teams and organisations to strengthen their culture to confront the challenges of a rapidly changing world.

The science of peak performance

A research-based approach to build common peak behaviours with the highest impact on performance and happiness

Managed nudging process

Small behaviour changes where participants are nudged to take action through real-time data diagnostics and social support

Potentialife Platform:
Personalisation & Scale

An online programme with weekly modules and a life-logging application to transform individuals at scale throughout organisations.

The Science of Peak Performance: SHARP

Your Impact

Using our data-driven approach, we work with clients to quantify programme impact through behavioural change & business success metrics.

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